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Mountain Mentors Associates

Mountain Mentors Associates is a consulting practice engaged in corporate finance, communications and training for risk analysis and assessment. Its principals are Arnold Ziegel, a banking industry executive who spent 34 years at
Citibank and Citigroup, and Dr. Ronna Ziegel, who has been an instructor of writing and English literature for more than 25 years.  

The firm developed and was the facilitator Citigroup’s Corporate and Investment Bank Advanced Risk Issues training program.  It ran 25 five and six day courses, globally, to more than 400 participants over a six year period. Other clients include the Federal Reserve Board, the Institute of International Finance, Fidelity Investments, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Consultancy Matters, and Intuition Training.  Mr. Ziegel and Dr. Ziegel created the content for an online learning course in Corporate Credit


As a result of this training, and Mr. Ziegel's more than 30 years of credit analysis experience, Mr. Ziegel and Dr. Ziegel published a the book, "Fundamentals of Credit and Credit Analysis"  It is available in paperback and e Kindle on  .Since its first publication in 2015, it has sold more than 3000 copies in  15 countries.  Chapter One, Introduction, is available on this website.

Mr. Ziegel held leadership positions in many areas of Citibank's global corporate banking business, with particular emphasis on corporate finance and risk analysis. He was a Senior Credit Officer of Citibank for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience as a banker to multi-national corporations, financial
institutions, non-investment grade corporations and entrepreneurs.

Immediately prior to his retirement from Citigroup as a Managing Director, Mr. Ziegel was responsible for Citi's Global Banking Industry strategic marketing and risk analysis.  In this capacity he advised financial services industry clients in Europe and the United States about corporate strategiesto enhance shareholder

For eight years, Mr. Ziegel was Senior Banker and Managing Director for Citibank's corporate banking and corporate finance business with the Retailing Industry in the United States, and non-investment grade corporate clients in the New York City area.  He also has extensive experience as a Senior Banker in Asset Securitization.

Earlier in his career he managed a portion of Citibank’s Private Banking business with high net worth entrepreneurs.  He also spent seven years managing Citibank’s relationships with international ship transportation companies in Europe and Asia.  

Mr.  Ziegel was a management consultant with the Financial Institutions and Management Sciences practices of Arthur D. Little, Inc., a consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ronna Ziegel, Ph.D., earned her doctorate in education from New York University.
She holds a B.A. degree in journalism from The Ohio State University, and a master’s degree in education from Manhattanville College.  She taught writing for
26 years at a highly acclaimed New York suburban secondary school.  


Mr.  Ziegel holds an MBA degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, and a B.Sc. (with distinction in economics) from The Ohio State University. He also pursued a Ph.D. in Finance at the New York University Graduate School of

Mr. Ziegel and Dr. Ziegel live in Stowe, Vermont, in the United States.

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Corporate Credit Analysis

Corporate Credit Analysis


69 Dish Lane, Stowe, VT, USA


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